Mar. 23rd, 2009

"I was chased by a feral dog while out on night watch back when i first joined the army. what a horrible experience... i'll never forget it 'till my dying days!" -Ashlay

(He mows down monsters by the cartload, and yet he's afraid of dogs... pretty crazy.) -Roddick

forgot what Ioshua said the first time but the second... he's telling why he fears cats

"it was a very harrowing experience. I could hardly believe how tenacious he was as he chase after me. the glint in his eyes, his smooth supple motion... the mere thought is enough to give me chills." -Ioshua
[In Haute]
"..."- Roddick
"Crazy... Everyone in town has monkey tails on them."- Ronyx
"They aren't monkey tails! We're Fellpool! Cats!"-Roddick
"Oh. Sorry."-Ronyx
*Mad?* "Well, that was awfully rude. We're all different, you know."-Roddick
"Certainly. We've all got our own little idiosyncrasies."-Ronyx
"...Something on your mind?"
"It's about your tail. I was just thinking about what it would feel if I were to hold it in my hands..."-Ronyx
*Alarmed and backed away quickly from Ronyx, sweatdropping like crazy*
Wha-what!? Don't say stuff like that! Are you trying to embarrass us all!?"-Roddick
*question mark appeared over Ronyx head*
"That embarrassing? Well, Millie didn't seem to mind when Ilia was doing it..."-Ronyx
*still sweatdropping*
"I...Well, I'm not her, okay!?"-Roddick
*Roddick left quickly leaving a confused Ronyx behind*


*Roddick sweatdrops*
"You can look at me all you want; it's not going to change anything."-Roddick
"But I can't ask Mllie if I can touch hers, either."-Ronyx

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